Problems Gutter Covers Can Cause

Gutter Helmet, Gutter Topper (from what we've seen first hand in removing these products)
Gutter covers that get nailed into the roof can void the roof warranty and cause leaks.
Gutter covers that get glued onto the roof can destroy the roofing if they need to be removed or replaced.

Leaf Proof and Waterfall
Gutter covers with tight curvature may not work in heavy rains, (rain simply skims off the product onto the ground missing the gutter completely)

 Can distort with the summer's heat and be rendered useless.
 Trying to remove the product can ruin existing gutters. 

Knutson and Leaf Guard
 Seamless all-in-one gutter cover devices, may require roof shingles along the roof edge to be significantly trimmed back.
 Seamless all-in-one gutter covers have to be replaced in total instead of replacement of a few feet of gutter cover if a tree limb damages the gutter cover system.
 All-in-one gutter/covers are almost impossible to repair leaky joints since they are inaccessible.
 may require use of much larger and unsightly leaders, i.e., 3"X4" instead of 2"X3"
 may be carry only half as much water as conventional gutters and therefore require more of the larger downspouts to handle the water flow
 Must be cleaned in heavy debris conditions from a ladder by a serviceman.

Flip and Clean
 gutters may warp with age causing the flip action to freeze
 a bath of putrid water drenching the person flipping the gutter (wear rain gear)

Elko GuttaGard
 clips can easily dislodge and render system useless.

All of the Above mentioned systems.
 Clog inside the gutter and must be cleaned in heavy debris conditions from a ladder by a serviceman. Exposing your home to all the problems you thought were being solved, i.e.,
         basement leaks (70% of all basement leaks is attributed to clogged gutters)
         fascia and rafter/roof edge rot
         erosion of soil
         cascading water into windows
         damage to sheet rock, ceilings, walls, and insulation
         damage to foundations
         breeding ground for pests such as carpenter ants and mosquitoes
         a bath every time you walk through the front door during the rain








 Diverters used by gutter cover systems can clog and be rendered useless.